We have a new web. It is still not available in English but you can browse it using google translator:

Our vision

Templo de la Diosa's vision, Goddess Temple in Spain

  • An open spirituality and faith Earth-based that recognises de Sacred and Divine femenine as a necessary, healing and inclusive
  • Encouraging respect, care and understanding through training, self-knowledge, the personal experience of connection and the recovery of ancestral wisdom.
  • Belief on sharing and cooperation based on the fact that we are all connected and it’s together that we change the world!

Our Temple

Since, Septembre 2014 we have a beautiful space that we dress seasonaly in Sabadell (Barcelona, Spain). You can find the address and maps here.
We are open every Thursday from 6pm to 9pm, the last Saturday of the month for open activities, when we have an indoor sabbat (seasonal) celebration and for some open activities and workshops. If you come from far away, please contact us through facebook or mail, as we may occasionally be closed during a holiday period specially during summer.

Our history

Nowadays we are a group composed of people who used to work in solitary,  current solitaries that sometimes come to celebrate and learn together, loved ones that join us occasionally and families and individuals that feel attracted to our activities.

We have several sources of inspiration, but the name of Templo de la Diosa (Goddess Temple in Spanish) comes from Kathy Jones‘vision, the Goddess Temple in Glastonbury (UK). A place full of magic that we are love to visit often specially for the annual Goddess Conference.

We began as an oficial cultural asociation in 2013 but we have been celebrating the Wheel of Year and organizing activities and workshops publically for about 3 years. We are also organizing the Barcelona Pagan Day (Día del Paganismo in Barcelona)  for the second time. We are very active, here you can see some photos of the 40 activities we have organized the first year:


Thank you for your interest!

This is mainly a Spanish / Catalan project and we still don’t have much content in English. If you still want to know more go to the main page, choose Spanish (the full moon) and read it through Google Translator .


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