Dear English and international friends,

Thank you for reading and for your interest!! We really love feeling part of a worldwide community and we will try to make you feel at home if you come to visit or work with us.  Please contact us if you:

  • Are coming to Spain, specially in Barcelona’s area, and are looking for Goddess-loving people or Pagans.  We would like very much to meet you. We can organize an informal meet up or arrange for you to take part in one of our activities.
  • Would like to organize a course or workshop in Barcelona’s area.
  • Are creating any cooperative work or online activity that you think is related to our work.
  • Have comments, ideas or suggestions!

We have English, French and German translator available if required.

Contact us at or fill the form:

If you don’t receive and answer within 48h please contact again, as something might not have worked.


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