World Goddess Day in Barcelona 2014

Thank you to everyone that came or participated in one way or another. We are really happy to be able to join in such a global event devoted to the Goddess.

We did a wonderful altar with natural offerings, had a beautiful ceremony calling the energies of the wheel of the year, did a healing meditation in honor of Mother Earth, shared songs, hugs and blessings and had a wonderful time in the Nature 😀



1st Aniversary

We had a wonderful afternoon and evening, sharing our memories of this year and celebrating Litha in Barcelona’s beach. We can’t give you the sea, the fire or the laughter we shared but we converted our presentation into a short video for you to see.  It’s in Spanish, but we really think that the pictures are louder than the words.


Thank you, we love you all!!


Preparing 2nd Barcelona Pagan Day

This year it’s going to be a huge event that will last 2 days, the 20th and the 21st Septembre 2014. Our motto is “the tools to change”. We are going to have plenty of talks and workshops about the tools for personal and social change aboutthe role that paganism has and can have in changing the world. And much more: an art exposition, our interfaith harvest ritual and many surprises more!

If you are in Spain, please join us!

If you want to participate internationally, contact us and we’ll tell you some options.

1st Barcelona Pagan Day ( 1er Día del Paganismo en Barcelona)

Dia del Paganismo Barcelona 2013, Templo de la Diosa y PFI

More than fifty people have come to l’Hospitalet de Llobregat (near Barcelona) to enjoy free talks, workshops and a big Mabon celebration. We are proud of having organized this event with the Pagan Federation representatives and blissful with the success of the event.  Thank you for your support!!

You can read more in Día del Paganismo blog and follow it to be informed of next year’s Pagan Day!



Thank you for your interest. This is mainly a Spanish / Catalan project and we only have basic information and the main events in English. If you still want to know more go to the main page, choose Spanish (the full moon) and read it through Google Translator .

We are going to try and grow the site in English with the time so, thank you and please visit us again!